Urban housing, Canada

Engineering verification of the applied building system for of multi-storey residential buildings

Stubbe's Precast,
Harley, Ontaria, Canada

Structural and Economic Optimization of an Applied Precast Building System for the Construction of 12-Storey Residential Buildings and 22- Storey Student Residences.

Engineering verification of the applied building system by Stubbe’s (large panel construction) for the erection of multi-storey residential buildings with respect to analyze and evaluate possible structural and economic potentials for improvement. 


Urban Housing Canada - Stubbe - Precast Concrete

Performance Service

  • Structural optimization of the precast elements with regard to the geometrical shape and the used concrete and reinforcement.

  • Optimization of the applied connecting systems for the used precast elements.

  • Consideration of all requirements concerning the structural stability and the serviceability of the residential buildings as well as the local conditions at the construction site in Canada.
  • Preparation of structural calculations.
  • Recommendations concerning commercial structural analysis software.