Industrial Building / Business Buildings in Mettenheim-Hart (Germany)

Pallet carousel system and mesh welding system for the precast-element-production

innbau-beton GmbH & Co 
Mettenheim-Hart, Germany

innbau has a rich history as a manufacturer of semi-finished precast elements. Their precast plant is equipped with pallet carousel and mesh welding systems, finely tuned for the production of high-quality semi-finished concrete components especially for industrial and business buildings. 

Rather than focusing on mass production, innbau prioritizes the delivery of exceptional precast concrete elements, emphasizing quality above all else.

The plant achieves an impressive production output of 52 square meters per hour for double walls, showcasing remarkable efficiency in production.


Innbau, wall element precast production, Germany

Performance Service

  • Feasibility Study
  • Development of the factory layout and production process
  • Master plan for the factory area with infrastructure
  • Development of the general workflow in the factory
  • Preparing the data sheets of material used in the production
  • Development of the transport logistics and transport system for the finished products
  • Tendering documents for machines, plants and building

  • Data and documents for the building and stock yard
  • Overall coordination of the building, machines and plants
  • Overall coordination of the building process and installation process of machines an plants
  • Development of the organisational structure for the precast production
  • Overall coordination of the factory start- up
  • Final acceptance of the factory
  • Accompaniment during the start-up phase

Data & Additional Information

Date of construction of the Production Plant

  • October 2012 to May 2013


  • May 2013

Size of Building

  • 20,2 x 93,6 m plus 15,6 x 93,6 m in two bays, total 3.350m²

Total investment

  • 7,6 million Euro
    (building pallet carousel system and mesh welding system) in 2013


  • 52 m² Double walls per hour