Industrial Building / Business Buildings in Seoul (South Korea)

Precast factory for the production of hollow core slabs

Samsung C&T 
Seoul, South Korea

Samsung C&T, South Korea's largest construction company with a presence in over 50 countries, made the strategic choice to expand and enhance their precast production capabilities.

As a result, a new precast factory was constructed, dedicated to the production of prestressed hollow-core slabs for industrial buildings, following a thorough evaluation of the existing facility. 

The planning and setup of the plant were delivered by Prilhofer Consulting.


Samsung Precast Concrete Industrial Building

Performance Service

  • Feasibility Study 
  • Development of the factory layout and production process
  • Master plan for the factory area with infrastructure
  • Development of the general workflow in the factory
  • Development of the transport logistics and transport system for the finished products
  • Tendering documents for machines, plants and building

  • Data and documents for the building and stock yard
  • Overall coordination of the building, machines and plants
  • Overall coordination of the building process and installation process of machines an plants
  • Development of the organisational structure for the precast production
  • Overall coordination of the factory start up
  • Final acceptance of the factory
  • Accompaniment during the start-up phase

Data & Additional Information

Date of construction of the Production Plant

  • May 2011 to June 2012

Start- up

  • March 2012

Size of Building

  • 6 lanes, each 150 m long, total 7.450 m²

Total investment

  • 7,5 million Euro
    (building a factory with 6 production lanes) in 2012


  • 1030 m²/day