Business and Public Buildings with Precast Concrete Elements

From hospital to soccer stadium

Precast concrete revolutionize construction of business and public buildings

Compared to other building types, public buildings have an additional requirement: they are funded by public authorities and therefore need to set an example. Hence, in many countries there is a special focus on energy-efficient construction and life cycle management.

Precast concrete buildings do not have any limitations regarding their utilization. Hospitals, schools, stadiums and administration buildings can be built.

Large spans can be achieved with pre-stressed floor elements, which provides a high flexibility of the floorplan.

Public Pusiness Building Made of Precast Concrete


Use the great flexibility of precast concrete elements

Modern precast concrete production can produce individual wall elements in a cost-efficient way. Individual wall elements are elements which differ in dimension and shape. An individual design of facades and ground plots can be achieved with precast concrete elements without any additional costs.

Samsung C&T, Seoul, South Korea
Samsung C&T, Seoul, South Korea

Samsung C&T , made the strategic choice to expand and enhance their precast production capabilities. And built a precast factory for the production of hollow core slabs in Chungju- Si, South Korea.

innbau-beton GmbH & Co. Fertigteilwerke, Mettenheim- Hart, Germany
innbau-beton GmbH & Co. Fertigteilwerke, Mettenheim- Hart, Germany

The innbau precast plant with pallet carousel and mesh welding systems is optimized for the production of semi-finished elements for industrial buildings.