Affordable Housing with Precast Concrete Elements

Industrialised construction solves the housing shortage

Satisfying the global demand for housing with precast concrete

Worldwide, there is a great shortage of high-quality housing respectively housing in general. However, the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights explicitly mentions decent housing as a fundamental human right.

A growing proportion of the population works and lives in cities. Many residential buildings have to be built for these people. Precast concrete is produced under controlled conditions so that resources can be used economically. In addition, a high quality standard is guaranteed. 

The high degree of standardisation and the computer-aided production of precast concrete elements make it possible to create sophisticated, sustainable and at the same time affordable housing. Also and especially in areas with earthquake risk, this building system is the solution to save human lives.

Large numbers of houses can be built up to 5x faster with precast concrete construction compared to conventional construction methods, e.g. with in-situ concrete or bricks.

Affordable Housing Building with precaste conrete

Cost-efficient construction with precast concrete elements

Large amounts of high-quality buildings can be built with this construction method in a very short space of time but only with the right planning, starting with urban planning to create infrastructure, to the final building, is it possible to create high-quality sustainable housing.

Casas Geo Mexico  Earthquake-resistant
Casas Geo Mexico Earthquake-resistant

One of our clients built earthquake-proof three story houses at an affordable price in Mexico. Mexico is consistently affected by earthquakes. Casas Geo decided to use the precast system to double the number of houses to 100.000 units per year.

Pruksa Real Estate Thailand
Pruksa Real Estate Thailand

Pruksa Real Estate Bangkok/Thailand is one of the leading construction producers in Thailand, India and the Maldives. In 2004, Pruksa was one of the biggest real estate developers in Bangkok and new entrant into the production of precast concrete elements.