Machine Technology meets Architecture and Building Technology

Integrated design and consulting services

Individual services for each stage of the design and building process

GERICON offers integrated design and consulting services with regard to the industrialized construction of buildings. Modular service packages for each stage of the design and building process – starting with feasibility studies and architectural concepts and ending with advisory services during the execution of the construction works. Modular packages – transparently calculated and tailor made for the requirements of every customer worldwide. Always with the state-of-the-art precast technology. Guaranteed.

Our key to success: we work totally independent and rely on global experience with local execution. The only way to build a large amount of houses in a short time with low cost and high quality. And with a fast return on invest.

Portfolio Precast Concrete

Think integrated: The GERICON services think integrated

Industrialized construction is charakterized by 70% preparation and 30% execution. That’s why the design process of this construction method is becoming even more important compared to classical construction works. Within the execution stage a deficiently compatible planning of building system and precast plant could only be corrected involving substantial extra time and expenses. To avoid this, an integrated design process conflating the interests of building technology and machine technology is indispensable. And precisely this is the strength of GERICON

Tailored to all kinds of buildings

Regardless of whether a huge amount of housing must be created in a very short space of time, or commercial buildings must be constructed quickly, all types of buildings will be built cost efficiently. The industrialized building system is the future of construction – if you keep the construction cycle under control.

Building types made with precast concrete

Reliable construction with many benefits

Industrially prefabricated concrete elements can be used for the construction of  all building types. Precast concrete elements are optimally suited for affordable housing as well as for individual and luxury housing.

Whether you want to build basic detached houses, luxury villas, high-rise apartment buildings, shopping centers, public buildings, office buildings, industrial buildings, parking garages or bridges, all these buildings can be produced in the same precast concrete plant.

Precast concrete buildings – a stunning appearance

From the small parking garage to the high-rise building made with precast concrete elements. Industrialized construction is the basis for an efficient production of precast concrete buildings.

Affordable Housing
Affordable Housing

Precast concrete elements are produced under controlled conditions, which means that resources can be used sparingly. In addition to that, a high quality standard is ensured. Industrialized construction solves the housing shortage.

Suburban Housing
Suburban Housing

It is irrelevant for the construction with precast concrete elements in which climate or country the suburban buildings are to be built. Precast concrete elements are suitable for any climate and can be freely adapted to any specific culture.

Urban Housing
Urban Housing

Precast concrete elements are optimally suited for the construction of basic and affordable detached houses as well as for luxury villas. Both building types offer various advantages for the builder and can be produced in the same precast concrete plant.

Business & Public Buildings
Business & Public Buildings

Compared to other building types, public buildings have an additional requirement: they are funded by public authorities and therefore need to set an example. Energy-efficient and sustainable building practices are prioritized in numerous nations.