Gericon Philosophy

A company emerged from strategic alliances

GERICON -  The precast concrete experts

We combine a wide range of professional planning and consulting competences in the field of industrial construction under one roof. Our services enable you to use industrial precast production and construct buildings of various sizes, from parking garages and single-family homes to towering precast concrete high-rises.

Our team has the skills and knowledge to deliver tailored solutions to your specific requirements, whether planning a new precast concrete plant, optimising an existing precast production or logistics and production processes, or increasing efficiency, introducing new precast products, planning logistics and assembly, or providing technical advice and support.

It is unique in the world. Independent, with over 40 years of German engineering and architectural experience and projects all over the world.


GERICON the precast concrete experts

Think integrated

Efficiency increase by a factor of 4-5: Compared to in-situ concrete or brick construction, efficiency could be increased by a factor of 4-5. Through our service, the following is possible when the planning of a precast concrete plant is carried out by GERICON:

- Investment cost reduction by 5-15 %
- Increase in production by 12- 16 %
- Increase in productivity by 10- 15 %

that is millions of euros for just one large precast plant.

Up to 5 times faster: A real-life example: it takes 0.9 days to assemble a 260 m2 apartment building with precast concrete, while it takes 4.4 days with in-situ concrete. The time saving is enormous.


Industrialized construction system
Industrialized construction system

Simply clever. Cleverly simple. Industrialized building requires a different way of thinking than that which currently prevails in traditional building technology with in-situ concrete or bricks. It requires thinking in terms of complex construction processes, clever detailed solutions under constantly changing conditions. It is not nearly enough to simply build a factory for prefabricated concrete parts on a greenfield site and get started. Failure would be predetermined, as examples from practice show.

Precast is a system, not a machine
Precast is a system, not a machine

The challenge of an engineering process is to anticipate difficulties ahead of construction. Only integrated planning and consulting services, from feasibility study, precast concrete design and precast concrete plant master planning to factory construction coordination and plant commissioning, guarantee the undeniable advantages of the precast concrete building system. Benefit from increased efficiency, reduced costs and increased planning flexibility and lower investment costs overall.

Integrated Services. Excellent Results.
Integrated Services. Excellent Results.

The use of precast concrete elements fundamentally changes the entire construction process. Industrialised construction means 70% preparation, 30% execution. GERICON is your competent partner from the initial idea to the construction of the factory. Thanks to our holistic approach, the advantages of the complex precast concrete construction system can be fully exploited. Take advantage of our extensive know-how from more than four decades in the precast concrete industry and in particular the industrial production of precast concrete parts!

Fault-free. Fault-tolerant. Fast.
Fault-free. Fault-tolerant. Fast.

Overall, the entire construction project for your new precast concrete plant is easier to handle. And much less stressful for the client, because all interfaces are covered by GERICON. We are the common thread in your project to coordinate all companies involved in the project and to avoid mistakes. This saves you time and money because we make sure that the schedule is adhered to. Due to the exact pre-planning, industrialised construction is extremely fault-tolerant - changes can be reacted to quickly. Above all, a lot of time can be saved during construction. Build the future with precast concrete elements. GERICON accompanies you from the first idea to the modern and effective precast concrete plant.

GERICON Alliance - A Team of Experts

GERICON is the only alliance in the world that offers a comprehensive range of professional design and consulting services for industrialized construction, all under one roof. With over 40 years of German engineering and architectural experience, as well as a track record of successful projects worldwide, we are the trusted partner for your precast concrete building needs.


Independent consulting and project management for the industrial production of precast concrete elements 

Founded in Freilassing (Germany) in 1994, PRILHOFER Consulting has been dealing with consulting and design services for precast concrete factories all over the world ever since. Many of their customers were pioneers in their markets, wishing to start with the newest precast concrete technology. PRILHOFER Consulting offers all services from the first idea, feasibility study, master planning of the factory up to start up of the production plant.

Apart its integrated services PRILHOFER is always prepared to come up with custom made solutions for individual projects, based on a thorough professional knowledge, a varied experience and brilliant ideas.

The German specialists are experienced in carrying out national and multi-national projects. With its growing know-how over the last 28 years, PRILHOFER is able to offer its customers the reliable basis for their specific decisions in order to get the best solution and to save investment costs. The competitiveness of the companies increases considerably and secures a sustainable market success.

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More than expertise and commitment 

An essential requirement concerning the engineering design of building constructions is to anticipate and prevent difficulties during the completion of the construction work, and to anticipate and solve possible problems prior to the project realization. ZPP has been doing that - for more than 40 years, nationally and internationally with a multidisciplinary approach to their engineering ideas and their processing. Both as a general planner for complex building projects and as a specialist with a view on the big picture.

Our passionate engineers from all areas of construction and divisions are used to thinking outside the box in order to achieve the maximum for our clients. We take a holistic view of our projects, which includes the immediate surroundings, the economy and the environment. In this context we also track the changes in the markets and have a strong feel for the requirements and possibilities of tomorrow.

‘Engineering Future’ is more than just a slogan to us, it summarizes our company philosophy: Civil engineering for a better, more attractive and safer future. The best performance is our goal: This is how we think. And this is how we work.

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