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Our strategic alliance brings you to success in the industrial production of precast concrete elements

Learn about the advantages of industrialised construction with precast concrete elements

Professional design and consulting expertise

GERICON combines various professional planning and consulting competences in the field of industrial construction in one hand.

With our services, you are able to enter the industrial production of precast concrete elements as well as to construct any type of building, from a small parking garage to a single-family house, affordable housing to a high-rise building made of precast concrete elements.  

We will support you at every step of your precast project, from strategic planning to implementation, to ensure a smooth process through to successful completion. Rest assured, we have everything for you!

High rise building made of precast concrete

Your Advantages

Learn about the advantages of the industrialised construction system with precast concrete elements:

  • Fixed final price, fixed completion date: lower total costs
  • Short construction period: lower financing and building site costs
  • Fewer personnel: lower labor costs
  • Fewer interfaces: less supervision, fewer specialized companies, less coordination, fewer faults
  • Accurately designed amount of reinforcement: lower steel consumption
  • Optimum use of material: lower material costs
  • No building maintenance for at least 50 to 80 years

  • Excellent structure due to production being independent of weather conditions
  • Maximum precision of precast concrete elements due to CAD, permanently controlled production
  • High level of fire resistance
  • Outstanding sound insulation without additional costs
  • Excellent thermal properties: regulates temperature
  • Excellent protection against moisture

  • No limitations: architecture can be designed freely
  • More floor space due to narrow components
  • Smooth surfaces: no plastering
  • Free surface/facade design due to individual form work, finishing and colors

  • Precise production due to automation: extremely low tolerances
  • High degree of prefabrication for installations as well (water, electricity, etc.): shorter assembly time
  • Comparable to in-situ concrete construction: easily understood and easy to manage for engineers
  • Earthquake-resistant

  • Short assembly time: fewer disturbances to neighbors
  • Just-in-time production: less storage on the construction site
  • Fewer work stages: unskilled labor can also be deployed
  • Minimal form work and scaffolding costs: only temporary bracing of the precast concrete elements

  • 100% recyclable
  • Resource-saving: less energy, water, building materials, CO2 emissions
  • Less packaging material
  • Zero waste possible

Efficient construction with precast concrete elements

Industrialised construction is the basis for efficient production of precast concrete buildings. GERICON has extensive experience worldwide with buildings in all climatic and seismic zones.

We offer integrated planning and consulting services within the entire construction cycle - tailored to all processes for the industrialised construction of buildings.

Precast Concrete Building System
Precast Concrete Building System

The development of the basics for the entry into the production of precast concrete elements equates to the base of a building. They provide the basis and stability for the success of your project.

Feasibility Study
Feasibility Study

A feasibility study is a firm basis for your future investment, taking into account all relevant data. It is therefore also the basis for applications for loans as well as for appointments with authorities.

Precast Concrete Factory Planning
Precast Concrete Factory Planning

When we design a production plant today, our entire experience is incorporated into our considerations. We design the precast plant in such a way that it still may be used effectively in 10 years. This requires a special kind of planning.

Tender Assistance for your Precast Plant
Tender Assistance for your Precast Plant

Machine suppliers for precast concrete plants often have differing concepts in the different production areas. We have the technical knowledge to enable you to compare offers regarding technical and economic data.

Project Support
Project Support

We do the overall project coordination, that is the organizational and technical coordination between all parties involved in the project in order to avoid delays and to cover "grey areas" in the project.


We monitor the start-up and acceptance of your plant because the different areas of the factory need to be put into operation at the same time.


Our services offer you the possibility to enter the industrial production of precast concrete parts quickly and without unnecessary and expensive ways around. With our help, you will be able to produce a large number of buildings of all kinds in the shortest possible time, from small parking garages to single-family houses and high-rise buildings made of precast concrete.

Our team has enormous knowledge and decades of experience from many different contracts to take on projects of varying size and complexity all over the world. We offer our clients tailor-made solutions that meet their individual needs and requirements. 


Affordable Housing
Affordable Housing

Precast concrete elements are produced under controlled conditions, which means that resources can be used sparingly. In addition to that, a high quality standard is ensured. Industrialized construction solves the housing shortage.

Suburban Housing
Suburban Housing

It is irrelevant for the construction with precast concrete elements in which climate or country the suburban buildings are to be built. Precast concrete elements are suitable for any climate and can be freely adapted to any specific culture.

Urban Housing
Urban Housing

Precast concrete elements are optimally suited for the construction of basic and affordable detached houses as well as for luxury villas. Both building types offer various advantages for the builder and can be produced in the same precast concrete plant.

Business & Public Buildings
Business & Public Buildings

Compared to other building types, public buildings have an additional requirement: they are funded by public authorities and therefore need to set an example. Energy-efficient and sustainable building practices are prioritized in numerous nations.